Add new page. Anthony: Ooh, okay, let's do a song about that! (Instrumental break to Emma is using her ribbon to twirl around with it. Oh, why don't we sing a song together about the first Christmas? Ho-Ho. Simon, Anthony & Lachy: (singing) 1, 2, 3. We were wondering (with the other Wiggles had to pick their favorite Christmas bows.) And that will make the elves super speedy. Wiggles: (singing) He's got a long white beard with a face so happy and cheerful! The Best of The Wiggles for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Wags, you are amazing. Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer 4. The Wiggles Movie Soundtrack (1997) Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas, released on 6 September 1996 by ABC Music distributed by EMI. Who loves you, baby? Anthony: (Everyone gives a really big clap for applause.) Previous Wiggly Christmas 1997 Picture - 2440683 Next Wiggly Christmas 1997 Image - 2440690. added by jessowey. Go, Santa! Tweet-tweet! ), Wiggles: (singing) Away in a manger, no crib for a bed, The little lord Jesus lay down his sweet head, The stars in the night sky look down where he lay, Anthony: Oh, great suggestion, Santa Claus and Mrs Claus, because have a look over there. Santa: (He is holding a telephone.) Henry's Christmas Dance 14. Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas 3. Thank you so much. Simon: (singing) Here I am, singing. Well, my bow is red and has 7 diamantés! Go!" Anthony: The distinctive voice of the camel. Go Santa Go You've got such a long way to go Go Santa Go Go, go, go, go. Simon: Wow, look at Santa go! You meant well and there's always a good side to look upon. Mrs Claus, please put the kettle on. 1. The Powerhouse Museum website listed the video as being released in October 1997. Hmm. Emma: Silent Night is a lovely traditional Christmas carol sung by children all around the world for hundreds of years, and the children at Wiggle Bay are dressed up in a Nativity scene and I am going to dance the ballet with Dorothy the Dinosaur. 1. Okay, everyone, join together. Make... my... speedy... Simon: Not all of Lachy's inventions work. It sounds like that modern invention, the mobile phone. Go Santa Go. Go! What are you going to dress up as in the Nativity scene? Difficulty: novice. Bert & Patti Newton: Yay! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lachy: (singing) Go, go, go, Go Santa Go! Hello? added by jessowey. With music streaming on Deezer you can discover more than 56 million tracks, create your own playlists, and share your favourite tracks with your friends. A scene where Nick & Caterina dressed as reindeers to do the actions. How about you, young Lachlan? Anthony: Great idea, old mate. And don't forget, And don't forget our friends Bert & Patti. Emma: (She picks up a bowl of fruit salad.) is the first Christmas DVD of the current generation of Wiggles, released on November 6, 2013. ), (Christmas ornaments transition to Emma is decorating a Christmas tree.). added by jessowey. … Goofs Wiggly, Wallpaper, Go, Santa. Anthony: (He is speaking in high-pitched voice.) Anthony It's Always Christmas With You. The Awake Wiggles: (singing) We don't know where, but he's barking away, Lachy: (singing) I think that he's been chewing my shoe, Simon: (singing) And some of his Christmas pudding, too, Lachy: (singing) Look, he's bouncing round the Christmas tree, The Awake Wiggles: (singing) It looks like fun for you and me, Lachy: (singing) Let's join in the bouncing fun, The Awake Wiggles: (singing) Merry Christmas, everyone. Lachy From The Wiggles is coming to help out with an invention he says will help the elves speed up the toy production. Lachy: Okay, Santa. I'm going to ask The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword what their favorite destinations might be, their dream destinations at Christmas time. ), (The end credits are rolling, while it plays 3 songs including: Everybody, I Have a Question, Here Come The Reindeer & Go Santa Go is playing in the background. Added by: Jessowey on 11/16/18 Uploaded: 11/16/18 Favorites: 0 Downloads: 2 Gallery: Entertainment Category: Music Resolution: 1024x768 Tags: 4 Tags - Show. Then, the sleigh bells jingle and jangle for the Song: Go Santa Go plays in the background. Things have really slowed down here in the North Pole and I don't know if the presents will be ready for delivery on Christmas Eve! Anthony: So I guess the question has to be asked, young Zamel. / Go, Santa, go / You've got such a long way to go / Go, Santa, go / Go-go, go-go / (Go) Call the reindeer / (Go) Get ready / (Go-go) And away Wikis. Emma: (She is holding a bow phone.) (with Henry, Anthony & Emma.) ", Santa in "Go Santa Go!" Simon: (He is holding Joel's present and puts away to the sack of many presents.) ), (It translates to Simon singing "Ding Dong Merrily on High".). Lachy: (yawns) Guys... this picnic is making me really tired. (Sleigh bells jingle and jangle. Have a merry Christmas, Emma. Darling, put the kettle on, Patti: (as Mrs. Claus singing.) Felice Navidad 10. A. Patti: (as Mrs. Claus singing.) Bouncy bouncy! Tweet-tweet! Anthony: (He is holding a blue Maton guitar.) Santa: Come on, Rudolph! On the Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas/Yule Be Wiggling double-set CD, the booklet shows some 1996 photos, including a Behind the Scenes one from Go Santa Go where Anthony had a regular blue skivvy without a trademark logo. The Wiggles Go Santa Go 2013. added by jessowey. Simon: (singing) Let me hear you say yeah! My name is Santa Claus. Emma Wiggle speaking on the bow phone. (TV Series). Simon: (singing) It's Captain, Captain Featherword. Hula, hula, hula! 21 canciones. Simon: (He is holding Lote's present & puts away to the sack of many presents.) And we need someone else. ", (Song: Go Santa Go. It is the Wiggles ' … Moscow, ice and snow Moscow, here I go. While, their friends are calling them on the phone.). Watch this. Who has the best decorative Christmas bow? Oh, no! (with the Emma, Lachy & Simon.) 2. Anthony: (as Santa Claus) Here I go. It was Zamel the Camel and Captain Feathersword! Anthony, Simon & Lachy: (singing) Tweet-tweet! Tour", Santa in Santa's Rockin'! Anthony, Simon & Lachy: (singing) Ooh, it's Christmas day.. Lachy: (singing) He's digging in the dirt now, Lachy: (singing) There's Captain Feathersword. We're The Wiggles. Ring the bells, it's Christmas time. Lachy: Well, Zamel. Ring the bells at Christmas time, The Other Wiggles: (singing) Ring a ding a ding dong, Simon: (singing) Ring the bells at Christmas time, Lachy: (singing) Smiling faces everywhere, The Other Wiggles: (singing) Ring the bells at Christmas time, Simon: (singing) Hey, everybody, its that time of year, (Sleigh bells jingle and jangle. (She gasps.) added by jessowey. Their eighth studio album, The Wiggles Movie Soundtrack (1997), which doubled as the soundtrack for the group's self-titled feature film, was the first to enter the ARIA Albums Chart, peaking at number 36 in November 1997. 1 Synopsis 2 Featured songs 3 Cast 4 Gallery 5 Replaced by 6 See also 7 External links Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas is a terrific music compilation … चित्र of Dorothy The Dinosaur Go Santa Go for प्रशंसकों of The Wiggles क्रिस्मस 37821234 This is from the ancient city of Thessalonica. Merry Christmas to you! Oh, well, my bow is red and green in the Christmas colors and it has 14 diamantés, Christmas tinsel, a big star and the scent of a Christmas pudding. Fantastic. Simon: (He's holding a red bow.) When, they were shake and shivering, since that was so cold.). (A scene translates where all the presents wrapped. I must admit to being a little concerned for, you see, the elves are running behind on their schedule. Live and on-demand sports, music and entertainment in virtual reality. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Tweet-tweet! Anthony: Weren't they absolutely beautiful? … Lachy: (singing) Here I am, twirling. Dorothy and Henry both went down to the beach to set up a picnic for you and me, The Wiggles and all of our friends! (He puts fruit in a normal bowl.). Go Santa Go. Credit goes to Chordify. Anthony: (He is singing while playing a blue acoustic guitar.) 1 of 27. I'm decorating the Christmas tree. Hi, Zamel. This is the transcript for Go Santa Go!. Ring A Ding A Ding Dong. Anthony Go Santa Go. Emma: Captain Feathersword, do you know where Dorothy the Dinosaur and Henry the Octopus went? Sign up. Well, let's investigate. 1. Here's what he does. You might like to dress up, too. The Wiggles - Wiggly Wiggly Christmas 1 (2000 Version for US) Part 1 to 33 2 (2001 Version for US) Part 1 to 49 2.1 2001 Release 2.1.1 Opening 2.1.2 Closing 3 (2002 Version for US) Part 1 to 35 4 (Canada Version) Part 1 to 34 5 (2003 Version for US) Part 1 to 40 (DVD) 6 (2007 Version for US) Part 1 to 38 (DVD) 7 (UK Version) Part 1 to 30 8 (1997 Version for AU) Part 1 to 45 9 (1999 … Simon: (singing) It's Wags, it's Wags the Dog! (1998). And little Lola. Emma: Well, I was just outside dancing the ballet with Dorothy the Dinosaur in The snow, But is Was really chilly, so I put on my wiggly shawl, and now I'm ready! Let's all go to the picnic. Simon: (He is holding Jay's present and puts away to the sack of many presents.) We got presents here for everyone in the land! Zamel, here's what you do. A scene where The Wiggles gets to have a hula dance at the manly beach. Watch fullscreen. Now, Lachy... Lachy is busy with his super speed invention to help clean Wiggle house quickly. Livraison gratuite (voir cond.). Oh, What? Anthony: (Everyone gives a really big clap for applause.) Their original members were Anthony Field, Phillip Wilcher, Murray Cook, Greg Page, and Jeff Fatt. The purple glitter phone is ringing. I can hear the patter-patter, boing-boing of the reindeer! Anthony: The mobile phone. (He sprays his lavender mist water.) Simon: (singing) But it's good to be home. Ahoy there, Captain Feathersword! Thank you. Brrk, grreck-eck-eck-eck-eck-eck-eck! (with Anthony, Lachy & Simon.) Anthony: Beauty, mate. I'm starting to feel really cold, but luckily, (He is putting on their winter clothes, while The Other Wiggles are wearing them on too.) Zamel, uh... (He speaks in a low tone voice.) Go Santa Go by The Wiggles. Emma: Thank you, Patti, and we'd all like to say... All: Merry Christmas, everybody! Santa: Ho, ho, ho! You can help us too! On my own singing. Oh, yeah! Santa: Ho, ho, ho, here I go! What a fantastic song. Now, if I turn this fan on, (He turns the fan on.) Écoutez de la musique en streaming sans publicité ou achetez des CDs et MP3 maintenant sur We'll wait. Anthony: And, of course, the Captain is with Zamel the Camel. Tweet-tweet! Simon: (singing) By priest and people sungen Gloria, (Repeated over 4 times. (Song: Mrs Claus, Put The Kettle On. (And then, he flaps his arms once more.) Anthony: (as Santa Claus) Ho, ho, ho!Here I go. Oh, how beautiful! Lachy's inventions, (Lachy is using his sheet to cover up these 3 little elves.). Lote, would you like some more? Joel: (He is holding a present, while giving it to Simon.) A Wiggles 1997 video. The Wiggles Movie Soundtrack (1997) allemand: Bound For South Australia anglais. I have the solution, for I've been working on an invention that I think will help your elves. Listen to Go Santa Go! Who loves you baby? Wiggly, Wallpaper, Go, Santa. Long white beard with a face so happy and cheerful. (He puts on goggles & sprays himself with the formula, then, it slows down & then, he speaks slowly.) is the first Christmas DVD of the current generation of Wiggles, released on November 6, 2013. (The video starts with The Wiggles Logo is shown. Here Comes Santa Claus 5. The Wiggles Go Santa Go 2013. added by jessowey. Simon: Lachy has fallen asleep, everyone. Watch the video for Go Santa Go from The Wiggles's Hot Potatoes! Simon: (He's singing while, he is holding a present.) Santa: Well, reindeer, are you ready? Au revoir! Hula, hula, hula. (He is playing a blue acoustic guitar, while singing.) Anthony: And... g'day, Santa Claus and Mrs Claus. Ready? "Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas" is the sixth Wiggles video, and first Christmas video. Ooh, it's lots of fun. The Wiggles are a children's pop musical group formed in Sydney, Australia in 1991. Tuning: E A D G B E. Author tonyelg0 [a] 21. The Wiggles are a children's music group formed in Sydney, Australia in 1991. Ring the bells, It's Christmas time! Anyway, and then I'll say... Speedy-Weedy Wanta! Captain Feathersword: Merry Christmas, me hearties! Wiggles: (singing) Mother Mary, father Joseph, (Instrumental break to they're marching around in a circle. (They were all waving goodbye to each other. Tweet-tweet! Maybe it's the bow phone! Go Santa Go 6. It translates to Anthony asked Captain how great you are.). Have a merry Christmas, Simon. Emma: Yes, Curoo Curoo tells the story of the very first Christmas and how the birds came to welcome baby Jesus. are working hard to get toys for all the children of the world ready for Christmas. Jeff It's Always Christmas With You. Oh, well done, Zamel. Lachy: (He's holding a purple with a feather bow.) Emma, where would you like to go the most at Christmas time? Later Concerts mark the debut of Dorothy's 4th Costume, Wags's 2nd and 3rd Costumes, Henry's 3rd Costume, and Captain's 3rd Costume. Emma: And let's... (with Lachy, Simon & Anthony.) (Simon is shivering while it's cold outside) Oh, and look at all this snow. ", (Song: Here Come The Reindeer. On the Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas/Yule Be Wiggling double-set CD, the booklet shows some 1996 photos, including a Behind the Scenes one from Go Santa Go where Anthony had a regular blue skivvy without a trademark logo. Until, at the end. added by jessowey. bức ảnh of Emma Go Santa Go for những người hâm mộ of The Wiggles giáng sinh 37821237 The Wiggles Holidays The Wiggles Holidays Christmas And Halloween All The Wiggles Holidays Movies Yule Be Wiggling, Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas Santa's Rockin'! Toronto! In Have a Very Merry Christmas, at 0:37 the sides zoom in and out. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? (Doggy paws transition to the song: Wags is Bouncing Around the Christmas Tree. Anthony: Oh, well danced, Captain! Well, look, you go and sing Jerusalem. Simon: (singing) Would you like to meet our friend? I bought this for my three-year-old daughter for Christmas who is an uber wiggles fan. A scene where Lachy sings about Mary & Joseph who really loved baby Jesus.). Speedy-Weedy Wanta! (with the Awake Wiggles singing.) Listen to Go Santa Go! It looks like Wags is bouncing his way to the beach. I'm Anthony. Here you go, Floppy. Joel's present to Santa's sleigh. Simon: (singing) Let's have a dance with Henry, Emma: (singing) Join your hands above your head, (Simon, Anthony & Lachy: (singing) Just like a Christmas tree), Emma: (singing) Then we sway in the breeze, (Simon, Anthony & Lachy: (singing) Sway so gently), (Simon, Anthony & Lachy: (singing) bree-bop), (Simon, Anthony & Lachy: (singing) round, round, round), Emma: (singing) Put your antlers on your head, (Simon, Anthony & Lachy: (singing) Reindeer antlers), Emma: (singing) Now let's bob on the spot, (Simon, Anthony & Lachy: (singing) Bobbing up and down), (Christmas presents transition to Emma talking about our beautiful song in the nativity scene.). Captain Feathersword: (He heard his phone is ringing.) You know, everybody has a dream at Christmas, you know, a city they'd like to visit, somewhere they'd like to celebrate Christmas. Lote: (He is holding a present, while giving it to Simon.) Jingle Bells 11. Phone call! Lachy: (He is holding a purple glitter phone.) Here we go. Thank you. Unto Us, This Holy Night 9. Group Information. Jay's present to Santa's sleigh! Wow, Lachy, that was fantastic. (Jay gives Emma a trophy & then, an applause.) Must be for Lachy. As you can see, my 3 elves Little Lote, Little Jay and Little Joel (3 little elves are working and playing toys.)

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