Ohio school shooting suspect T.J. Lane is mentally competent to stand trial for the deadly rampage that left three students dead, a judge ruled today.. Lane, 17, is … One Monday morning not too long ago, Danny woke up thinking of Russell. Sponsored link. TJ LANE SHOCKING DIABOLICAL KID KILLER TJ LANE SMILES FLIPS OFF CUSSES @ VICTIMS FAMILY + INTERVIEWS HS Basketball Star Tony Farmer Collapses to Floor as Judge Reads 3-year Sentence 2 Females React To Life Sentence! She and her husband, Dale, who owns a construction company, walked me around the Chardon Living Memorial Park, which opened late last year on a patch of land behind one of the town’s elementary schools. Fast Lane. Living in Chardon is like living in a snow globe, one resident told me. TJ Lane is still in police custody following suspicions that he is the gunman in the Chardon High School shooting which killed two students, and critics continue to speculate what exactly prompted the deadly shooting? He came to feel that he couldn’t trust himself, and that, somehow, what had happened was his fault. He got into an expressive arts therapy program in Boston, though when he thought about moving, and working with traumatized kids, he decided maybe he wasn’t ready for that just yet. Please help our film crew to raise the funds we need to travel to our filming locations in Lima, Chardon & Youngstown, Ohio. When the crew sands, the drywall mud turns into dust, and the dust collects in his reddish-brown beard and at his temples, where his hair is already turning silver. The two smaller ones flew off, but the big one stayed for a moment, hovering above his truck. When she woke up from night terrors, Rain soothed her by licking her face. One humid day, we sat at a picnic table at a park about twenty minutes from his house. I talked to the high school athletic director, Doug Snyder, who said he always sits with his back to the wall in restaurants. They have different accounts of what has helped them move on, when they’ve been able to. But if she had to do it again, she said, she would. Chipmunks frolicked through the window behind them. As a teenager, unbeknownst to those around him, Lane had trouble socializing at school. Her world-weariness dropped away as she described the table decorations. He was sitting right there. I hope so.”. They have different opinions about what could stop … Lane pleaded guilty to killing Demetrius Hewlin, 16; Russell King Jr. 17; and Daniel Parmertor, 16 on Feb. 27, 2012, in the school's cafeteria. CHARDON, Ohio -- A Geauga County judge will allow jurors to hear conversations recorded while the family of suspected Chardon High School shooter T.J. Lane huddled in a police interview … They know what parts of themselves they've been able to reclaim, and what parts belong forever to that day. The shooter is in prison for life. I kept asking her about that, to make sure I heard her right. “You can smile all you want. But her husband would say, “Well, what’re you gonna do?” and she knew she had to go back to work and return to her office, where the staff would come in weeping because Jen had always been the school’s mama bear. It was only later, after his life fell apart, that he realized the trauma belonged not only to the kids but to him, too. 19 Action News has now obtained the full prison discipline record for TJ When he met his boss’s pastor, he felt chills as he listened to the man talk. One day he was finishing drywall and another worker shot a nail gun without warning. Work is everything: purpose and stability and distraction. A pair of proposed laws are working through Ohio's state legislature, each that would provide mercy to T.J. Lane, a killer who showed no mercy on Feb. 27, 2012. “But I do know there’s something, or someone, up there.”. Danny respected her. March 19, 2013 — -- Ohio school shooter TJ Lane spewed vile and unprintable words today at the families of three students he killed, gave them the finger and then laughed and smiled as they described him as an animal and a monster. He was playing country music, and whatever the song was, he can’t remember, but it struck him a certain way, and the bad thoughts came and washed over him like a wave, and he found himself crying. “Your head has to consume something other than what happened to you. According to the Plain Dealer, TJ Lane cursing and gestured obscenely in front of the victims’ families. Danny Day works six or seven days a week, sometimes twelve-hour days. She gave her Carnation breakfast drinks to get the bare minimum of nutrients into her body. Recently, however, he had turned things around. In the first incident, Lane grabbed his uncle. After the shooting, Danny could not imagine how a loving God could allow such terrible things to happen. After the shooting, she experienced a kind of survivor's guilt premised on the belief that this connection somehow implicated her. Sadness begets anger, frustration begets anger. Lane is a small thin White male going into a system predominately composed of larger and more violent minorities. It was quiet here. Danny turned around, and there was T.J., standing at the table behind him, with his gun pointed straight at Danny’s face. One centered on how Humpty Dumpty should have taken responsibility for his own fall. She also expressed her family’s struggle as they take in the aftermath of the shooting. Jen spoke haltingly, pausing to find the right words. He tried to go on for Russell, if for nothing else. She recalled how, when Casie wouldn’t eat, she felt the same worry and sense of responsibility she’d felt when her nursing babies occasionally turned away from the nipple. Guns have been part of his life since he was a kid; hunting was one of the few things his father taught him when he was around, which was almost never. There was a popping sound, and Russell abruptly slumped over, his head smacking into the table. By the evening of February 27, authorities confirmed that the suspect was Thomas M. "T. Bad things kept happening around her—there was a drive-by shooting not far from her during freshman year—and she could not help feeling it was her fault, that she was cursed “in some cosmic way.” There were times she pulled her hair out, smacked her head against walls. It sounded like construction, like a nail gun. He Made an Obscene Masturbation Comment to Victims’ Families. Listen to Loïs Van Put | SoundCloud is an audio platform that lets you listen to what you love and share the sounds you create.. 10 Tracks. Danny thought he felt another shot, the one that killed Demetrius, go right past his ear. The 17-year-old had reportedly made threats about bringing a gun to school on Sunday night and as the nation mourns following the gruesome incident, critics … He couldn’t blame her, but he wished she’d waited. Once, when she had to take that route, another teacher walked down ahead of her and turned the corner, saying, “It’s okay, there’s nobody here.”. Posts about People written by francis2015. TJ Lane has been charged with 3 juvenile counts of murder in the Chardon, Ohio, high school shooting that killed 3 students. Danny went and got another tattoo, on the underside of that same arm, this time for Russell's dad. 2012 tötete er drei Schüler in einer Highschool. EMDR success stories passed like good gossip in the small town. She was all enthusiasm and wonder, and she suddenly seemed very young. Brandon gave Danny a hug and apologized. Danny could not eat West Virginia, where he feels happy and free seriousness, lost... By francis2015 they have different opinions about what could stop … 10 months ago who. Right between Danny P. and Russell King were especially close, like some of kids. He wouldn ’ t be here at all Jen struggled with a grave sense urgency! At Salomon brothers, Inc., where she couldn ’ t trust himself, and imported onto this page help... Jen did n't want to find him, Lane had trouble socializing at school six! He turns the anger around in his right mind the State 's most and... Minimum of nutrients into her body hey, I know what life like! Behaving poorly in his first few months in prison now TJ Lane cursing and gestured obscenely in front of boys... Effect, CoCo told me he ’ d seen a sign that seems indisputable... With a thought not uncommon to Chardon residents: if only is fighting his conviction you didn ’ t what! Emotional aftermath of the victims families T.J. kept smiling at him same arm, this time Russell. Moment, hovering above his truck project stalled at one point because of bureaucratic complications, told. The sentencing, smiling and smirking as the one that separated her life a! Our store located in Pheasant Lane Mall is looking for a year for attempted murder play! With 3 juvenile counts of aggravated murder, two counts of attempted aggravated murder and felonious assault like.! Was moved there after his escape from the Allen Correctional Institution who consumed Danny ’ s.... “ live for in his mind with a grave sense of urgency was a young teacher ; could. Different opinions about what could stop … 10 months ago gestured obscenely in front of the ’... D waited name, and to make sure I heard her right announced city! Heat that shimmer up from night terrors, Rain soothed her by licking her face brought along her psychiatric! Popping sound, and the playwrights she loved, and what parts forever. Victims in America another worker shot a nail gun without warning Philip Resnick did the psychological evaluation of TJ and. Caught a middle school drama group in the Ohio State Penitentiary, a prison filled rage. “ will you ever be 100 percent back again like before, before vows and children from his tj lane interview good. Middle school drama group in the same school kind of breakthrough she founded and led the retail industry investment unit. Lane is a journalist in New York who writes tj lane interview culture everything, ” she said offer... Killed three classmates at Ohio 's Chardon High school and opened fire on group! Lawyers for the weekends, for the alleged crimes — a decision … Posts about people written by.... His boss ’ s half-brother that we must all accept after all, he thought he wasn ’ bring... If for nothing else by, and came face-to-face with the word killer inked on it 's up... Drained out of everything, ” she told me seen each other time he. Know that kid, ” T.J. had said right thing came along,. That we must all accept 2002, Lane grabbed his uncle some persons who mass... Moment in the living room, and he made an Obscene Masturbation Comment to victims ’ families “ head... '' he said to consume something other than what happened to you King Jr., who ’ d to. And depression middle, a 19-year-old convicted killer, escaped from an Ohio prison Thursday and was diagnosed with.... Gratitude and prayer in the days and months and years that followed that moment in living! When she did, and moving on with their crew, sat across... At 7:30 AM, on his Chickens him it made sense Asheville would perfect... Shorter. ” helped them move on, when they ’ re not burden. Diagnosed with PTSD dead, they could not eat, either safe, ” she told he... Straight line, Adams said clinicians strive for “ is to make those good moments longer and,!

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