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Great campaigns aren’t just developed through luck, they require a profound understanding of your target market, demographics and true intelligence of user behavior. Smash Media is a leading digital marketing agency that is based on this exact science. Don’t let your next campaign or offer go bust, contact us today.

Services we provide

Customers expect media brands to create seamless, contextual, and concurrent experiences across every device

Search & Display Advertising

Our relationships with top tier traffic sources gives us access to premium inventory to generate the highest quality leads while scaling campaigns to new levels.

Lead Generation & E-commerce

Digital media provides unparalleled access to engage users and capture valuable data which enables us to deliver high quality leads and sales while maintaining aquisition goals.

device targeting

In today's mobile enviornment you must be able to adapt your marketing efforts to stand out in the generation of fast paced content consumption. We have all the targeting capabilities to get you there.

Performance Alignment

Unlike most traditional ad agencies, we don't just spend your money to get eyes on your page or your ads. We focus on performance, engagement and real conversions that make you money.

conversion optimization

We have developed an array of strategies that allow us to make changes by analyzing real-time data that affects performance on landing pages, signup pages and checkout pages.


Many agenies will promise scale but we deliver! Our ability to send massive amounts of highly targeted visitors to engage with our partners brands is unsurpassed in the industry.

“Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise..”

Ted Turner in Forbes Magazine

Frequently Asked Questions

Modern marketers want to innovate as quickly as their businesses and customers

How do you focus on quality?

Our in house tracking platform allows us to segment data and utilize tokens to pass to our partners. Aggregated tokens gives insightful data to our partners as to which traffic types are performing at the highest levels.

Who buys the media?

We have an internal media buying team which consist of ad copywriters, content developers and data analysts. We purchase ads on our behalf on a performance basis or we purchase it for you on a fee basis.

What are some of your consulting services?

Our in house tracking platform allows us to segment data and utilize tokens to pass to our partners. Aggregated tokens gives insightful data to our partners as to which traffic types are performing at the highest levels.

When can we start to get traffic?

Typically, we can create new ads and landing pages for your verticle within 24-48 hours. We will work with your legal or compliance team to adhere to any guidelines that need to be met.

How is performace based different?

Unlike traditional ad agencies, we use granular data to determine true effectiveness of purchased media. Some brands just want exposure but in the performance world they want conversions in the way of leads or sales.

Can you manage our social media marketing?

Yes, our team can develop content, posts and other relevant information for your followers and prospects to engage with and share. Our minimum social media budgets start at $1,000/mth but can easily grow as you need.

Smash MediA Monthly Numbers

The majority of active internet users still interact via browsers, making it the most important digital channel for consumers

50000 +
Leads generated
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About Us

Brands want to create a superior experience for their users, which means they need a roadmap that delivers the best product to their customers consistently

Located in the heart of San Juan Puerto Rico where the sun is always shining and the waves are always crashing. We are as passionate about enjoying life as we are building strong business relationships.

Love the work

Our team members love what they do and that makes a big difference when building winning campaigns. Nothing is more rewarding to us than to see our ads and campaigns fuel our partners success.

growth for all

Smash Media's #1 goal is to help our partners grow. We strive to give our partners the creative and analytical support they need to be as successful as possible so that we can grow along with them.

ideas welcome

Empowering our team with the best resources has led us to creating some of the industries top campaigns and outstanding lead performance. We believe that when we give creative freedom to our team we will get amazing results.

Smash Media is a partner that remains consistent in terms of not only reliability but quality of leads. Their knowledge of the industry, attention to detail, and innovative marketing methods across multiple verticals of advertising stand out in a highly competitive environment.

Richard Hester

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